Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Chrome Isn't Working Out so Well for Me

So I was just excited as the next geek to check out Google Chrome, and at first I really liked it. Unfortunately its just not working for me. My biggest concern is that Outlook Web Access doesn't work at all, and considering I use Mail2Web Live that is a big problem. One of our work sites also doesn't work very well in Chrome. So I basically can't use Chrome for two of the sites that I use the most. 


Anonymous said...

Working out great for me. OWA (Exchange webmail) works for me, perhaps it's the version of Exchange that you're talking to. We're using the latest version here, perhaps yours is earlier?

Josh Pollard said...

Its an Exchange 2003 server. I can login to the site, but I cant do things like deleting emails. I click the checkbox, click the delete button, and nothing happens.

Aquamelli said...

chrome didnt work very well for me either - seems like anything thats AJAX related just had issues in Chrome

it is in beta after all lol