Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Real Problem with the HTC Dream - It Looks Like a Nightmare!

I'm just as excited as the next guy about T-Mobile's next big phone, the Google Android powered HTC Dream. The Android platform could be a great next step in mobile operating systems. I also think that at the very least it will help to push Apple and Microsoft to further innovate their own offerings. I do think that T-Mobile/Google face a very real problem with this phone though, its hideous! A lot of technology buffs out there might be saying that looks don't matter, but I completely disagree. Everyone wants a sexy cellphone, not an ugly clunky thick plastic box. Do we really expect something this ugly to compete with the iPhone? There is no way that's going to happen. Still don't believe me that looks matter? Windows Mobile phones sure have progressed. Check out the photos of the Audiovox Thera (which I actually owned) compared to the brand new HTC HD. Then of course there is the beautiful iPhone.

HTC Dream

Audiovox Thera

Apple iPhone

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Anonymous said...

I like the HTC HD, but the rest are hideous. :-)