Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Problems With Biden

The way I see it there are two big problems with Obama's choice of Joe Biden to be his running mate. Actually, there are more than just two, but these are the two that I don't hear anyone else talking about. To get to the root of these we first have to ask ourselves, what are the two main facets of Obama's campaign? That's easy. He claims that you don't need experience. The other is that he represents "the politics of change." What he really means behind that catchy slogan is that he hasn't been corrupted by being a Washington insider for many decades like McCain and Hilary Clinton.

So if he doesn't need experience why would he pick the democratic senator who arguably has the most foreign policy experience? The answer is actually pretty obvious. First, because McCain has a huge lead over Obama in the polls when it comes to foreign policy, and that lead only widened by the Russia/Georgia conflict. Second, because its obviously ridiculous to think that experience doesn't matter when it comes to running the free world.

So what about "the politics of change?" Sure, Obama has only been in Washington himself a couple of years, but his new running mate was elected to the Senate in 1972! Those two ideas just don't match up.

Is it just me, or does this seem like yet another instance of Obama changing his stance on core issues?


Anonymous said...

Actually, people have been talking about those two factors on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, my local news provider, etc, ever since the rally ended on Saturday afternoon. Really, the way I see those two factors is that Biden's nomination for VP IS very smart.
First, when did Obama say that experience didn't matter? I don't recall such a ludicrous comment. Secondly, to change the the way things are, I mean really change them, you unfortunately need seasoned veterans. I believe (and no doubt so does Obama) that Obama can take carry the change message on his own merit. However, to add to his unadmitted, but true weaknesses (like experience, for instance) he needs someone with experience to accomplish very lofty goals.
I have no doubt you'll disagree with me, as this blog tows the party line. However, that is the way I see the Biden choice.

Anonymous said...

populus vult decipi decipiatur